2014-2015 Season


Wolfgang Photo, Landmark 2012


 2014 – 2015 Season: “MOZART’S LAST YEAR”



The Lyra Baroque Orchestra


Family Concerts

Mozart’s Last Year
with The Wolfgang

With hands-on activities and snacks, presented in a casual concert environment, Lyra’s one-hour, family-friendly Family Concerts are a great way to introduce the whole family to classical music!

The final year of Mozart’s short life witnessed an amazing burst of creativity and some of Mozart’s most sublime music. The WolfGang will present its own transcriptions of some of this divine music, tailor-made for the group’s six musicians. The program includes transcriptions of the overture to Mozart’s penultimate opera, La Clemenza di Tito, and five joyous Viennese court dances. Also on the program are two rarities: a quintet written for a contemporary of Mozart – a blind woman who was a glass harmonica virtuoso; and a divertimento by Florian Leopold Gassmann, a marvelous but little known composer who was a teacher to Mozart’s nemesis Antonio Salieri.

Sunday, May 10, 2015 at 3pm

The Baroque Room

275 East 4th St. Suite 280

St Paul, MN 55101

Our concert is free, however, if you wish, you can make a donation. A donation of $10 is suggested.


The WolfGang performs instrumental chamber music from the time of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, playing on musical instruments of the type that were used during Mozart’s life. The fortepiano is a replica of a Stein fortepiano. The violin, viola and cello are either from the 18th century or are carefully modeled after 18th century instruments. The flute and oboe are modern replicas of instruments made by some of the great woodwind makers of the late 18th century. A Twin-Cities based ensemble, The WolfGang has been performing, recording, and touring for over 16 years in a style that “fits” the Mozart era. We hope you will join us for an musical adventure very soon.

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